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- Amit Khera, M.D., Director of the Preventive Cardiology Program, UT Southwestern Medical Center

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Preventive Cardiology

UT Southwestern’s Program in Preventive Cardiology provides specialized patient care using clinical expertise combined with knowledge of the latest research advances. We work with patients to assess their risk of developing cardiovascular disease based on traditional risk factors, hereditary factors and other conditions that may affect their future health. For those who have already suffered from a heart attack or stroke, or those at risk for these diseases, a team of doctors, nurses and nutritionists tailor a medical plan to aggressively reduce risk factors and to prevent heart disease and its complications in each individual.

Within the Preventative Cardiology program, we provide the following services:

Comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

For those patients without known heart disease, the program uses both standard methods as well as the latest tools to help determine more accurately a patient’s risk of heart attack and stroke. We have expertise in complex cases such as patients with a strong family history of heart disease, young patients and those with unconventional risk factors. Our approach to determining an individual patient’s risk can include:

  • Traditional risk factors (like cholesterol and blood pressure);
  • Detailed family history of heart disease;
  • Lifestyle factors;
  • Advanced blood tests, such as C-reactive protein, Lp(a) and advanced lipoprotein testing; and,
  • Imaging tests of the heart and blood vessels.

Multi-disciplinary Risk Intervention

Our team of doctors, nurses, a nutritionist and a nurse practitioner work together to prepare an individualized medical plan to treat each patient’s risk factors for heart disease. We work closely with our patients, providing extensive counseling and follow up to achieve healthy lifestyle goals. Medications can also prescribed as necessary to help treat these heart disease risk factors.

Lipid Management

All patients with cholesterol problems evaluated by our physicians are also seen by our nutritionist for dietary interventions and followed closely by our nurse practitioner. Our lipid management program includes:

  • Board certified lipidologists;
  • Expertise in complex and severe cholesterol disorders;
  • Genetic testing when appropriate; and,
  • LDL apheresis for patients with Familial Hypercholesterolemia (rare genetic cholesterol disorder)

Cardiac Imaging

Advanced cardiac imaging tests such as coronary artery calcium scanning and CT angiography (heart scans) are available for the appropriate patients.

Nutrition Services

A registered dietician with expertise in all aspects of preventive heart health including cholesterol problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, is a key member of the team and available for consultation. Our nutrition services include:

  • Computerized food record analysis;
  • Weight loss instructions;
  • Heart healthy eating plan; and,
  • Diabetic education and nutrition counseling.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Phase II cardiac rehabilitation is a 12-18 week program involving supervised, monitored exercise and extensive educational classes to reduce the risk of future heart attacks and heart problems in those patients with a recent heart attack, heart surgery, coronary artery stenting, or angina and other conditions.

Clinical Trials

Research and investigation are cornerstones of this university-based program. Patients have access to several ongoing clinical trials of investigational drugs and new therapies.

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